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yo so uh

2017-08-08 22:30:28 by octavio675

am back 


2016-10-20 16:21:38 by octavio675

Yo, I have done a test, well, a mid done walking test, but since I am a lazy ass person I'll upload it like it is, lolol

BTW if anyone knows how to fix the glitch, please tell me, thanks on the upperhand

Link to a test


2016-09-30 23:26:18 by octavio675

Bloody, flaming, flipping, flying, fuck, Flash is a bitch, I draw a fucking line, ONE, JUST ONE LINE, with the brush tool, and the line goes under the head of the grunt, AND I DRAW OVER HIS HEAD!, goddamn, I know that this might sound, no, it sounds like bitching of an inexperienced fool, but can anyone help me?, thanks on the upperhand, and what am I trying to do, is to make my character.


2016-09-30 20:52:42 by octavio675

Well, I have got all the requirements to start doing comics on Flash, expect more content soon. BTW, HUGE credirt to Wkay for the Profile pic, and the mini sized pic too, they are AWESOME.


2016-09-25 21:10:34 by octavio675

So, I won't be quiting, I have calmed down, and I will stop this reckless shit of goes and comebacks.
First of all, I want to state that animating is not my skill, as I have failed misserably when I tried to make a test of some mere seconds.
Second, well, this is the last thing to say here, I found the ''showcase'' of that comic, and even the first segment of it that I made, half done, so I will finish it (better drawn obviously) and I will, well, get Flash (again) and do a freaking character for my profile pic.And I might do comics in Flash too, thanks to Wkay for the idea. (I think I wrote bad his name, but go check 'im, his comics are badass).

Oct, out.

Lol, I am leaving this site, yeah, same bullshit that happens to almost every animator, lack of will to animate and lack of fucking ideas, so, well, my last submission will be a fucking showcase I must have drawn some years ago, back when my brain was barely working at all. (Yes, Elementary School).
As a sidenote, Happy MD to all of you people, I am ded, yes, surprais big not. 


2016-09-03 08:57:39 by octavio675

I am ded, agein

Finally got some time!

2016-08-20 19:30:14 by octavio675

Well, I got time to update, I need to finish some minor details on my series ''Casual Madness'' or ''Informal Madness'' but other than that, it's almost finished.
I do need someone who is experienced about Flash and can guide me through the animation world, so, well, I'll give you mate if you do so. Anyone?


2016-07-08 21:00:29 by octavio675

Greetings, it's been a LONG time since I last logged in, and I realized that now that I am more mature than I was years ago when I created this account, I can make a better use of this, so, I will stop the bull excrement of paint, and I will hand draw comics, and things, I will also learn to use Macromedia Flash to make Madness Combat things. 

Volunteers to teach this hatchling send a PM.

(Also, I will post errr, two hand drawn random clothed Hank, Deimos and Sandford soon)

PS: Hello again

PS 2: New PC, finally arrived

Well, I had to format my pc due to virus issues, but I will keep doing things here, I will post hand draw photos and Madness Combat stories and comics, I worked for some of them by now, and I have a model showcase of Mandess Payback, I guess that this will like you.