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Finally a progress, I guess?.

2015-03-02 18:29:48 by octavio675

I finished my character, but I dunno how to take it a photo and post it here. 

Yay I have Flash 8 back

2015-02-27 15:03:18 by octavio675

I'm creating my character, soon updates 

I lost Flash 8...

2015-02-24 09:56:24 by octavio675

I started up my pc, and when I went to Flash 8 folder, it was empty, including all te sprites, Backgrounds, misc stuff, hands, bodies, heads, everything.

So I will return to Paint-draw, and i'll try to don't do it bad, if anyone still likes my art...

Oh yeeah!

2015-02-17 08:02:53 by octavio675

I already have Flash 8 and I'm trying to download some sprite sheet, weapons and backgrounds n characters, ready but I need moar sprites, gun sounds! fuck I need gun sounds, can anyone pass me?

I'm back

2015-02-16 20:45:26 by octavio675

Can you believe it?.

I'm back better than ever, and I will continue with all my abandoned work...

If anyone still cares, I WILL download Flash 8 and do animations, or I'll try it.


2014-09-21 16:00:29 by octavio675

Happy MD2014 for all off you, I am finishing a surprise for MD2014...

Hey peeps!.

2014-05-29 14:55:50 by octavio675


I was really busy with school thing, but now I AM BACK REALLY FOR SURE and I'll pass from Paint-draw to hand-draw, that's all, see ya!.

Soon updates...

2014-04-01 20:27:58 by octavio675

Well,It's time to start working.

Goodbye..OR not?.

2014-03-19 17:56:24 by octavio675

Thank you for 2 years on NG,I fell better leaving,I don't have time for this...


Seriously,just joking.

Hello after a long while!.

2014-03-17 21:23:31 by octavio675

Hello,some potatos fell me bad,that's the reason of the puking face,after that I'M BACK,I have no idea of what to publish but I'll think. J.M and more.