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I am back!!!.

2014-01-28 19:42:57 by octavio675

I am back from my vacations dudes,see ya when I post something.

I lied.

2013-12-29 15:13:04 by octavio675

Jurassic Madness 6,abreviated officially J.M 6 it isn't finished so I'll start it when I am on my PC.

And also I have gta 5 so I will be absent some time.

Ah and also I have my X-mas pic.

Happy delayed X-mas 2013 guys and happy new year!.

Jurassic Madness 6 finished.

2013-12-20 15:16:30 by octavio675

Well,it's ready and I submitted Crazyness me,go see it.

Good news.

2013-12-18 17:34:09 by octavio675

I am starting to do Jurassic Madness 6.

Say the things you think about it...


2013-12-16 14:16:09 by octavio675

I did my x-mas themed profile pic.

What do you think about it?.

Finally here.

2013-12-12 19:45:17 by octavio675

Well this concludes Jurassic Madness Season one.

The second one will be released when the fucking brain of mine have an idea for Jurassic Madness 6.

Ps 1:For XMAS I have planned a Happy XMAS 2013 Card with me Zapchon nick251 Sanfort and 1999Elias.

Jurassic Madness 5 Good news.

2013-12-12 11:24:24 by octavio675

Good news everyone.

In Jurassic Madness 5 there will be a soldier in the new refugee,it will be nick251 participating as ''PFC Kurt Jackson''.

Maybe I'll have it ready for some days.

And for X-MAS I have planned to do a card with Sanfort,Zapchon and Nick251 and me in it.

Thanks for the year of hard work guys,I'll wont have 19 fans without you.

I canĀ“t beliveve it,I have 4 mounts for publish jurassic madness and other stuff.

Ps:R.I.P Nelson Mandela.


2013-12-04 11:17:29 by octavio675

Jurassic Madness part 4 is finally here,what do you think?.

Ps:What are your currently projects?. Mine is Jurassic Madness part 5 and a comic for X-mas.

Ps 2:I'm an argentinian kid of 11 years.


Listen evereyone.

2013-12-03 19:06:01 by octavio675

Jurassic Madness 4 is ready just needs a few fixes and I'll publish it on NG soon.

Ps:Happy B-day Ellvis!.