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2016-09-30 23:26:18 by octavio675

Bloody, flaming, flipping, flying, fuck, Flash is a bitch, I draw a fucking line, ONE, JUST ONE LINE, with the brush tool, and the line goes under the head of the grunt, AND I DRAW OVER HIS HEAD!, goddamn, I know that this might sound, no, it sounds like bitching of an inexperienced fool, but can anyone help me?, thanks on the upperhand, and what am I trying to do, is to make my character.


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2016-09-30 23:45:49

Yeah, Flash is a bitch sometimes. Turn on object drawing and the line should be over the grunt's head. You can press ctrl+up to make it go above other objects/sprites and ctrl+down to make it go under them. That is if it's a "drawing object" or anything else that isn't a "shape".


2016-09-30 23:46:28

Oh, and press ctrl+b to turn any graphic or such into a shape.