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2016-09-25 21:10:34 by octavio675

So, I won't be quiting, I have calmed down, and I will stop this reckless shit of goes and comebacks.
First of all, I want to state that animating is not my skill, as I have failed misserably when I tried to make a test of some mere seconds.
Second, well, this is the last thing to say here, I found the ''showcase'' of that comic, and even the first segment of it that I made, half done, so I will finish it (better drawn obviously) and I will, well, get Flash (again) and do a freaking character for my profile pic.And I might do comics in Flash too, thanks to Wkay for the idea. (I think I wrote bad his name, but go check 'im, his comics are badass).

Oct, out.


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