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In light of recent, fuck this...

2016-09-22 21:13:04 by octavio675

Lol, I am leaving this site, yeah, same bullshit that happens to almost every animator, lack of will to animate and lack of fucking ideas, so, well, my last submission will be a fucking showcase I must have drawn some years ago, back when my brain was barely working at all. (Yes, Elementary School).
As a sidenote, Happy MD to all of you people, I am ded, yes, surprais big not. 


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2016-09-22 21:31:01

You need to chill tbh. I rarely get ideas and motivation. I'm still on here though because there's people I talk to. You don't have to leave just because you're slow on animating. Maybe animation isn't your talent. There's other things to try.


2016-09-22 23:23:37

Welp....Happy Madness Day!! Following my lead I see?