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2016-07-08 21:00:29 by octavio675

Greetings, it's been a LONG time since I last logged in, and I realized that now that I am more mature than I was years ago when I created this account, I can make a better use of this, so, I will stop the bull excrement of paint, and I will hand draw comics, and things, I will also learn to use Macromedia Flash to make Madness Combat things. 

Volunteers to teach this hatchling send a PM.

(Also, I will post errr, two hand drawn random clothed Hank, Deimos and Sandford soon)

PS: Hello again

PS 2: New PC, finally arrived


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2016-07-08 21:36:20

Por fin otro argentino! Bienvenido de nuevo a newgrounds. Yo soy un caso parecido al tuyo jaja, reactive mi cuenta hace poco.
Con respecto a Macromedia, te recomiendo usar versiones mas recientes de flash (cs3, cs5, cs6 o cc) son mejores que flash 8 y rinden mejor
Mucha suerte con tus comics y/o animaciones!

Finally another spanish guy here! Welcome back to NG. I'm like you haha, I reactived my account recently too.
About macromedia, I recommend you to use newer versions of flash (cs3, cs5, cs6 or cc) they are better than flash 8
Good luck with your comics or/and animations!