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My PC died, and it came back!.

2015-04-29 20:04:08 by octavio675

Well, I had to format my pc due to virus issues, but I will keep doing things here, I will post hand draw photos and Madness Combat stories and comics, I worked for some of them by now, and I have a model showcase of Mandess Payback, I guess that this will like you.


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2015-04-29 23:09:13

ooo what about Madness Combat comics?!

octavio675 responds:

Well if you refer to Jurassic Madness, I have first chapter hand drawed and ready to be published, and the showcase ready too, but if you refer too Flash 8 ON PC, unfortunately I can't do anything, sorry.


2015-09-22 19:04:10

Happy Madness Day, mate!!