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2013-12-16 14:16:09 by octavio675

I did my x-mas themed profile pic.

What do you think about it?.


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2013-12-16 14:27:39

Well, I suppose it's good for a start. Your Madness guy looks oddly happy with just a head, though, and seems to be oblivious to the fact that...he has no body. XD

Great to see the Santa hat, though, and it doesn't matter how they're drawn...as long as they're there! We need some more hats in here.

octavio675 responds:

Thank you.


2013-12-16 14:33:26

It will take a while to be changed here :\

octavio675 responds:

I don't understand.


2013-12-16 14:47:10

Both my PC and internet are slow, and if someone change its icon, it will take a while to change.